Web Analytics an Hour a Day by Avinash Kaushik

I found a web analytics book worth reading. Although I knew almost everything Avinash Kaushik wrote, I learned more from this book than any other one source. Finding out what your web site users think by talking to them comes up many times in the book. This is very important, however smaller companies may not […]

English Global Search Engine Marketing Keyword Strategy

Most people realize that different languages demand different keywords and strategies. However, English is a special case. It is now the de facto international language leaving Esperanto in the dust. Not everyone pays enough attention to the fact that English is used differently by different users. There are more second language English speakers than native […]

When Not to Optimize 1-2 Keywords per Page

The rule to optimize for only 1-2 keywords per page has been repeated so often that it has become set in stone. Actually, some people say 2-3 and others say 3-4. I did a check in Google for: optimize page “1-2 keywords” -searching. I replaced the numbers each time and the one with the most […]