Google Adwords AB Testing Mistakes You Should Avoid

When analyzing which ads work better you probably don’t break it down by keyword. This means you may come to the wrong conclusions. We recently compared two ads as you can see in the screen shot below (I changed many of the details to protect the privacy of our client). Google Adwords AB tests must […]

China SEO and Chinese SEO – an Introduction

Companies that want to market to Chinese speakers must first decide on their target markets. Who are they trying to reach? But first let’s define some China SEO terms. What is China SEO? For the keyword China SEO there are a few meanings: Someone who wants find an SEO company to market to China Someone […]

The Six Sigma and Web Marketing Debate

Mike Moran thinks that Six Sigma isn’t relevant to internet marketing “Six sigma is an excellent way to deliver high quality with repeatable processes, such as manufacturing your product, but it is exactly the wrong goal in Internet marketing. “ Bryan Eisenberg, on the other hand, thinks it is important enough to build into the […]