Google Ad Character Counter

Updated November 2019 As of August 2019, Google rolled out new additions to their Extended Text ad. Now it is possible to add a 3rd Headline and a 2nd Description to ads. Additionally, the character limits on the Descriptions was increased to 90 characters instead of 80. Unfortunately, Headline 3 and Description 2 will not always show. […]

When Not To Do SEO

True or False: Organic traffic is free. False. If you guessed true, you are not alone. Many people think that organic traffic is free. But generating organic traffic takes time or it takes hiring a digital marketing agency to optimize the website for search engines. OK, we established that Organic Traffic is not free. The […]

PPC Expert Location Targeting

Are You Targeting Israel on Google Ads, But Not Getting The Traffic You Expected?
This Might Be The Reason Why. 

Learn pro tips for location targeting in Israel and worldwide.


You may think this is a funny looking award but this hat is what Google sent me when I became one of the first 100 people worldwide to become a Google Professional. We participated in a web analytics webinar. The prize for asking the best question went to our web analyst. The book is about […]

Return On Investment Mistakes to Avoid

Are Your Pay-Per-Click Ads Holding Their Weight? Learn How To Easily Analyze The ROI on Your PPC Google Analytics can show you your Return on Investment pretty easily. The ROAS column shows you Return on Ad Spend. If you earn more than you spend the numbers are in green. The ad spend does not take into […]

Website Usability Testing

What is Website Usability Testing? Your website’s usability will be tested by a person performing 2-3 tasks. A typical task would be to find a product and then buy it. We can guarantee that we will find a problem with your website. A detailed report with recommendations will be sent to you at the end […]