“50 Kick-Ass Keyword Strategies” by Aaron Wall

A book on Keyword strategies.

To me it seems that any Internet marketer is already doing all the insights mentioned in the promo text for this book. That is not to say that the book is not worth reading-chances are it may have some ideas you don’t know about. However for those who are too lazy or cheap to get the book here is my take on each of the insights:

Note: I did not read the book so I am not knowingly giving away any of the authors secrets.

In “50 Kick-Ass Keyword Strategies“, you’ll discover insights such as:

>>How to reach beyond the obvious keywords to discover terms and phrases with untapped commercial value.
My take: Lots of free advice on how to do this on the web. Start with a Thesaurus. My favorite is to search on Google for ~keyword –keyword. That will let you know what Google thinks is a related word. Not that useful but a lot of fun. The book may also mention using Wordtracker.

>>How to use keywords in your page titles, meta descriptions and headings to create well-balanced copy that thrills the search engines.
Again, there are many places on the web that explain this. Basically, you sprinkle the words around and don’t over do it. Put the keywords 1st as people don’t always read through.

>>How getting rid of words like free and discount can boost your conversion rates and get you better customers.
Be careful with this one. Getting better conversion rates and better customers are not your goals. Increasing revenues is. Therefore this is just a means to an ends and may not be the best strategy for you.

>>How mining your analytics data can be the key to uncovering valuable, low-competition keywords that bring in valuable streams of traffic.
You are always looking at the keywords people use to get to your site—aren’t you? Especially the converting keywords–in order to find new keywords to target. Make sure you are using an analytics package that will easily get you this information. If you are using Google analytics this can be a challenge for the Adwords campaigns. There are workarounds you can find on the web.

>>How to easily get a second page ranking in Google that can double your traffic for related keywords.
If they have an easy way to get your competitive keywords on the 2nd page that alone may be worth the price of the entrance fee.

>>Which research tools you should be using to create a website that blows your competitors away.
I wonder if Wordtracker is one of the tools. The other important one is the one between your ears. There are many others on the web.

>>How your site’s search box is the key to finding profitable new keywords and content ideas as well as ideas for new products to add to your website.
You are checking what people search for with your internal search engine aren’t you?

>>How answering your consumers’ common questions online can help you improve your business image – and bring in more search traffic than you ever thought possible.
Conversion optimization is always a good idea and your answers to visitor’s questions will likely include the keywords they search on. Think price and cost.

>>…and so much more!
If your credit card is burning a hole in your pocket feel free to buy “50 Kick-Ass Keyword Strategies”. But if you liked my answers you can more of our free SEO stuff here.

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