About AIMS Digital Marketing Agency

Global Digital Marketing Agency– One Step Ahead

One of the reasons we are so successful in increasing sales and leads is because of our ability to stay one step ahead. We adopt emerging technologies and trends fast.

For example: we started with Google’s PPC as soon as it came out. A few years later, Ron Spinner, CEO of AIMS Digital, was one of the first 100 people to pass Google’s professional test. They sent him some fun Google AdWords awards.

But before you hear our story you should know if we can help you.

Here is our how we are different in a nutshell:


Frequent emails and meetings make sure you understand what we are doing.


Not many companies have the experience we have – since 1998.

Personal Service

A flat office hierarchy means you speak with the people actually doing the work.


We are constantly researching competitors & analyzing website traffic. This data-driven approach guides our strategies and planning.

Global Reach

In order for you to succeed in the global market we make sure all staff members are native English speakers. (And one native Japanese speaker.) We have experience in multi-lingual campaigns including Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, and other European languages.


No year-long contracts. You can terminate the agreement at any time.

Our Story: How we
started Digital
Marketing so early

We started designing websites in 1995. Since we were a marketing communications firm, Ron was interested in SEO early on, even though our clients did not ask for this
service when we designed websites. It was really easy to optimize back then.

In 1998, one of our clients came by to update his website. To quote from memory, he said– “by the way, we are getting a lot of leads and sales through our site”.

That is when Ron first realized there was value in Digital Marketing for generating sales/leads. He decided to change the company focus. We now have a great team of internet marketing specialists on board.

This same client also mentioned that there is a new search engine that we should try out. It’s called Google. This just goes to prove that our company policy of listening closelyto what our clients say is very important, in more ways than you might expect.

Actually, we were
preparing for
Digital Marketing
before the internet
was invented

We started as a Marketing Communications Company honing our skills in advertising, design and copywriting.

Even before that, Ron unwittingly prepared how to improve websites to increase leads & sales. His Master’s thesis in Architecture at the Technion focused on analyzing how buildings were actually used—in contrast to what the architect envisioned.

Websites have the same problem. Users don’t use the website the same way the designers envisioned. By analyzing what their pathways actually are, we can increase sales and leads.

Our Digital Marketing Clients

Our experience includes companies in:

Our clients are located all over the world.

We are especially proud of our success with B2B
companies. Some of these companies are in niches and traditional internet marketing methods don’t work.

Google asked us to come to their Haifa headquarters where we discussed the challenges of B2B digital marketing. They were very happy to find out how successful we are in this space.

Client Loyalty

We are very gratified that many of our clients have been with us for many, many years. That is our best testimonial. Our ability to continually bring creative solutions to expand sales is the main reason for our clients’ loyalty.

We are always very busy working with our clients all over the world. In the morning, we first check our email from clients in the East as it is towards the end of their workday.

After that, we communicate with our clients in Israel and Europe. In the afternoon we have our meetings with our clients in the USA and the Americas.

If you would like to see if we are a good fit please drop us a line at ron@aims.co.il 

The AIMS team is extremely responsive & very thorough. Even though our timezones / work hours differ, I never feel like I’m waiting for a response. My project manager is great with follow-ups and never drops the ball on anything.

Your team is great at presenting new ideas as well as new ways to approach existing efforts. We appreciate all the effort you put in, continually reviewing our sites for improvements….in addition to the SEO/PPC and social media strategy input.

One of our biggest changes is trying to navigate the obstacles associated with reaching our various audiences with information about sensitive topics, with limited budgets. AIMS does a great job helping us develop copy to get around some of these issues.

I’m very pleased with the process we have in place, for example, focusing on one brand in more depth each week. Since we’re only 2 marketing people at Maze, this helps us focus in on making small changes and monitoring the progress.

We appreciate all of your efforts and enjoy working with you!

Susan Bernard

Marketing Director Maze Health Group