Digital Marketing Reviews By Our Clients

One of our best recommendations is not in words but in bricks – a hotel we work for added on another wing of rooms—more than doubling their capacity— all because of our marketing work on the Internet. When that happens, who needs words?

We have some clients who refuse to write recommendations for us. They don’t want the competition to know we are working for them. Even though we are sorry not to be able to publish a recommendation, we are happy to accept the compliment.

We are fortunate, though, that we do have many clients who are willing to write a recommendation:

The best and easiest way to evaluate your digital marketing efforts is to hire an outside  consultant to review your PPC campaigns. They can quickly find big mistakes if there are any.

Your team is great at presenting new ideas as well as new ways to approach existing efforts. We appreciate all the effort you put in, continually reviewing our sites for improvements….in addition
to the SEO/PPC and social media strategy input.

One of our biggest changes is trying to navigate the obstacles associated with reaching our various audiences with information about sensitive topics, with limited budgets. AIMS does a great job helping us develop copy to get around
some of these issues.

I’m very pleased with the process we have in place, for example, focusing on one brand in more depth each week. Since we’re only 2 marketing people at Maze, this helps us focus in on making
small changes and monitoring the progress.

We appreciate all of your efforts and enjoy working with you!
Susan Bernard

Marketing Director | Maze Health Group

Your work is very helpful. A lot of students know about the program from the web & we have filled the entire program.

Prof. Eliezer Shalev

Technion Medical School Program for North American Students

I was mistaken, we are #1 in the hearts and minds of all Google users! Thank you for this!!! We do get people who come in that say they saw us on the internet. It has DEFINITELY been worth it!! I will be happy to write a testimonial for your business.

Dr. Alan Stiebel

Podiatrist and owner of Romeo, Shelby and Richmond Clinics |
Detroit, Michigan, USA

I am really impressed how organized, to the point, and how AIMS is really on top of everything. So far, it has been a pleasure working with you.

Josh Starr

Nanonics Imaging Ltd.

Ron is an expert in his field, one that brought a quick ROI for our efforts in improving the results of our online advertising in search engines. I’ve since then recommended Ron to colleagues and will continue to do so.

Software Security Company

We know a lot about marketing but you really gave us a lesson. We look forward to continuing our work with you.

David Vita

VP Strategy & Marketing Initiatives | EVR, Ltd. Tel Aviv, Israel

We weren’t reluctant at all to start working with you, in fact we decided to work with you after contacting another company that was significantly cheaper & this is despite the fact that the cost was an issue for us. All in all we felt good about working with you. Sales increased for sure.

Ecommerce Site USA

AIMS have provided us with truly outstanding service, quite beyond any of our previous experiences with SEO companies. They are extremely knowledgeable and always available for consultations. They anticipate our needs by independently generating creative ideas to advance our SEO efforts and that saves us a lot of valuable time

Marie Orian

Marcom Manager | MIS Implants Technologies, Ltd. Israel

We greatly appreciate the dedication and hard work you and your team put in to push us forward, develop our exposure on-line, generating leads from all industries. AIMS supported us as we grew, entered new markets & communicated with relevant clickers across the globe seeking our intelligence services and operational support.

International Security

Company Name withheld by request

We use a company called AIMS. They are based in Israel which makes calling a wee bit tricky because of timing but they are GREAT and
they are more reasonable than a local company.  After the set up period we generally communicate primarily by e mail unless there’s a rush. The owner of the company’s name is Ron Spinner (he’s American) and you can reach him at or call him (but remember there’s a 7 hour time difference. They are ahead).

Bat Sheva Marcus

CEO | Maze Group New York, USA

GREAT JOB GANG! I am getting noticeably more requests/calls/emails/orders. Not sure if the orders came in organic or PPC, but organic rankings are all top 7, some #2 or #3. Super!

Ari J

CEO | ECommerce Site FL, USA

First, I would like to thank you for the great job you [Ron] and [our project manager] did while working with us.

Your activity has significantly increased the traffic & awareness to our website. As I see it is a great goal achievement! Your experience in the digital media & recommendations more than once made
us think differently.

In addition, It is a real pleasure working with you on a personal level. Yours and [project manager]’s professional and friendly attitude have made our monthly meetings something to look forward to.

I would especially like to commend [our project manager] for her attentiveness and fast response to every request we have. You are amazing!

In sum, I highly recommend AIMS DIGITAL!

Bella Tamuz

Marketing & Communication | Tefen Flow & Dosing Technologies

We are very happy with the rankings and have started to get enquiries from customers through our distributors directly because of the site. Thanks once again for the excellent job you have done to date and we will be in contact later this year.

Bella Tamuz

Marketing & Communication | Tefen Flow & Dosing Technologies

We have been using AIMS for a few years. They are extremely capable and very responsive. We use them to provide general SEO services in multiple languages for our half dozen tourist attraction businesses. We also run seasonal campaigns from time to time like family specials, holiday specials, etc.

We have been in business for 25 years and have used numerous SEO firms in the U.S., Philippines, Russia, Korea, Japan and Hawaii. AIMS is by far the most professional and effective group we have found thus far. I really can’t say enough good things about Ron & his team. Outstanding results and great service.

Mark Baldyga

Chairman & CEO

AIMS has completely changed the way we publish the content on our site. They have helped us streamline our navigation system and develop
on-going and varied strategies for increasing relevant traffic on our site. The result is a steady stream of qualified, low-cost leads!

Ruth Bridger

Director of Marketing | BOScom, Ltd. Teradyon, Israel

I was skeptical of investing money into Internet marketing. We found that the best ROI for us came from trade shows & direct marketing. Other forms of advertising and marketing just didn’t work. Ron convinced us to try a test case with one of our companies and we’ve never looked back. For a minimum investment we have received many leads – some really big leads that we would have never received without AIMS’ work. I have just increased our Internet marketing budget yet again.

Linda Bracha

CEO | Go Green Packaging, CPT Plastics Inc. WI, USA USA

I will be the first to say you guys have done a great job since we have been working with you. I told you, when people try to sell me search engine optimization, I show them our listings and they admit we don’t need them.

Anne Young Albanese

Marketing Manager, M.A.Z.E. Labs | Purchase, NY

Hi everyone at AIMS! I am very demanding as a customer. Most suppliers disappoint me and they do not deliver according to my expectations. Close to no supplier, here or at my previous work places, push the customers operations forward – thus they are not proactive. AIMS impresses me in all areas! You are all great people to work with and highly professional.


Prominent Ecommerce Client Europe

I did not know exactly what to expect before we started, my intuition was that I must be on search engines, I said that we’ll try and see what it brings. Sales are better than any expectation I had.

Name Withheld on Request

When working with AIMS I have the feeling that we are all one team with the same goals. It is difficult to know with 100% certainty where each patient comes from. However, I can say with confidence that we were able to reduce our direct mail campaign without suffering a loss of patients. In addition, we were getting many more patients of the type we never had before. I am planning to move more of our budget from direct mail to the Internet.

Dr. Jack Klausner

Boston, MA