How Does Google Translate Work?

Ever wondered how Google Translate works?

Google Translate uses math and artificial intelligence (AI) to translate languages. Google can translate between two languages that are not English. But really it first translates from one language to English and then translates from English to the other language. This is because Google has much more English data than other languages.

a screenshot of Google Translate
תרגום גוגל עוזר למשווקים דיגיטליים עם שיווק דיגיטלי דו-לשוני.

You are probably wondering what this has to do with digital marketing.

As Google Translate improves, digital marketers can use if for more applications:

  •  It is good enough to translate incoming emails in a foreign language, although it is not perfect.
  • It can be used to translate web pages for a 1st draft. A professional is still needed for the 2nd draft because your website reflects upon your company.
  • For digital ads, you can use it to use to translate keywords you want to advertise on. If there is a mistake – no one will see it. However there is a chance that some of the keywords are not appropriate. You can double-check by searching on Google or Bing and checking that the search engine results make sense.

For the ads themselves it is best if a professional checks Google’s translation as your clients will be judging you if there are grammar or cultural mistakes.

For more info on how Google Translate is improving, check out this WSJ video.

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