The UN published a report on June 8, 2024 concluding that there is no proof of any starvation in Gaza.

Google fails when searching for “Gaza starvation”, but Bing is worse. 

Google’s first entry is from Wikipedia which is 100% wrong on the Gaza starvation issue. And the right column also shows false information from Wikipedia. Maybe Google should stop showing Wikipedia results when it comes to Israel and maybe Jews and other subjects.  

Most entries report on the fictional idea that there is starvation in Gaza. There are search results which do report that there is no famine in Gaza. But the actual report is not shown.

Google SERP for the search Gaza famine
התוצאה הראשונה של חיפוש המושג, "רעב בעזה", בגוגל היא מאמר בוויקיפדיה, והוא עתיר מידע כוזב. אותו מידע מוטעה מופיע גם בסרגל הצד.

Bing is worse than Google. Only lies are shown.

Bing only shows entries that write about the false premise that there is starvation in Gaza. They even show biased anti-Israel outlets such as Human Rights Watch and the Qatari Al Jazeera. But it gets worse.

Images are displayed on the top right column under the headline: Explore Gaza starvation.

The kids shown look pretty well fed except for the 1st one in the 2nd row captioned: “Gaza Kids Starving”. However, if you click on that image you see that it is a photograph from Yemen where kids are actually starving (see the screen shot below).

Bing SERP for the search Gaza famine
התוצאה הראשונה של בינג לחיפוש, "רעב בעזה," היא מאמר בוויקיפדיה ובו מידע כוזב. אותו מידע מוטעה נמצא גם בסרגל הצד והוא מלווה בתמונות של ילדים תימנים מורעבים.
Bing image of starving Yemini children
תמונות של ילדי תימן מורעבים שמוצגים כילדים עזה.

Below, is the screenshot when you search “Gaza starvation” from Israel. The other screen shots were taken after changing settings to the USA.  When searching from Israel, the photos are pushed down and the falsely labeled Yemini starving child is not shown.

You must know the name of the UN report to uncover it in the search engines.

When someone searches with the phrase “Famine Review Committee” the report shows up. It is the 2nd entry on Bing. And also on the right column where the AI result is. However, who knows the name of this committee?

Why does the AI result 1st show the false report of famine risk in Gaza before mentioning the report showing there is no evidence of starvation? And why isn’t the AI smart enough to show the truthful UN report when you search for “Gaza starvation”. Could the AI be that dumb?


Bing SERP for UN famine review committee
דפי תוצאות של מנוע החיפוש בינג של "וועדת האו"ם לחקר רעב בעזה."

Google does better with all 3 news entries and the first search result highlighting the UN reports showing there is no famine in Gaza.  However, no one will find the report this way as who knows the name of the report?

Google SERP for UN famine review committee
דפי תוצאות של מנוע החיפוש גוגל של "וועדת האו"ם לחקר רעב בעזה."

It is not surprising when Tiktok or other social media show biased results. However, we expect more from the search engines.

To be sure that you find the report on the search engines use the title: IPC May 2024 Report: Review of the Famine Early Warning Systems Network IPC-Compatible Analysis for the Northern Governorates of the Gaza Strip 4 June 2024.

Or use this link.

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