Web Analytics – A Great Way to Help You Make the Wrong Decisions

It is well known that you have to be super careful when making decisions based on web analytics. It is so easy to make web analytics mistakes. Common mistakes such as not having analytics code installed properly are well known. 14 years of analyzing websites has exposed us to many of the possible mistakes. In […]

Viral Marketing My Ass

My neighbor who owns a Bible reenactment village, has a flair for PR. He equipped his donkeys with Wifi –probably the first in the world. Here are just some of the headlines he got. Internet for those who won’t get off their asses The Times of Israel Donkeys become Wi-Fi hot spots in historic Israeli […]

China Internet Marketing: Baidu vs Google

Although Baidu is the dominant search engine in China, Google does have significant traffic. How significant depends on the specific keyword. Many people in China who look for B2B products or services use Google. Customer to Business searches however are dominated by Baidu. If you are searching for an MP3 download, Baidu is where most […]

Brand Names on Google Adwords: Israel vs. USA

It is a great strategy for your competitors to buy your brand name on Google Adwords. You invested time and money into your brand name and they reap the benefits by showing their ad every time someone searches on your brand name. Should you stop them? Not necessarily: If they are the bigger brand it […]

Mobile Website Analytics – Little Known Tips

If you are using Google Analytics you will see that GA includes the iPod as a mobile device. This may be misleading since behavior on the iPod is much different than on a mobile phone. You don’t have the problem of a tiny screen. In order to get more meaningful results, I recommend analyzing mobile […]

Can Google Adwords’ Cost/Lead Metric Ruin Your Business?

I was recently asked to review an existing campaign. The manager I was working with was looking at Cost/Conversion information based on country. The 1st thing I told her was not to base any decisions based on this information. Why not? Because there was no information on the quality of the leads. You can have […]

Why Outsource to an SEO Company in Israel?

Some people wonder why companies from all over the world want to work with us. After all, we are located in a bad neighborhood–one of our neighboring countries openly says they would like to wipe us off the face of the earth. And it’s not like there aren’t any good Internet marketing companies in America, […]

Conversion Optimization — People are Starting to Get It

One thing I learned from experience was not to talk to potential clients about conversion optimization. They wanted traffic. And more traffic. If I mentioned conversion optimization I could hear their eyes glaze over through the phone. Recently, we had some calls from companies that wanted us to manage their Google Adwords campaign. However, after […]