B2B Digital Marketing Fiscal Year Strategy

Many B2B campaigns slow down the last couple of weeks of December.

This is because people are on holidays or they have already spent the budget for this year.

It can be a good B2B strategy to increase ad budgets in November and the first part of December when people are finishing off their budgets for the year. Government offices in particular buy more in the last fiscal quarter of the year.

However, not everyone’s budget is based on the calendar year starting January 1.

For the USA Federal Gov this profitable quarter runs from July 1- Sept. 30. October 1 is the beginning of the new fiscal year. Therefore if you are marketing to USA government offices your strategy could be to start marketing Oct. 1 with awareness campaigns.

Use Q2 and Q3 for lead generation campaign. Use special deals and promotion in the last fiscal quarter which begins on July 1. Note that different USA states can have different fiscal calendars.

More info on the Small Business Administration website.

Outside the USA, different countries have different fiscal years. Most use the normal calendar year. But many use different fiscal years. You can find a list here. See the screen shot below.

In addition some countries allow companies to pick their own fiscal year. If you are trying to make a sale to a particular company you may want to find out what their fiscal year is as it may impact the sale.

All of these fiscal years impact B2B digital marketing ad campaigns. You may want to have a strategy to groups countries with the same fiscal years in the same campaigns. That way you can easily increase exposure through bidding and budgets in relation to the fiscal year.

Read more about B2B campaigns here.

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