Having trouble with your B2B Advertising? Here are 5 things you might be doing wrong.

1. You don’t advertise because you have great organic positions in the search engines

Organic traffic is great. But advertising will increase your leads even more. It doubles the real estate you’re taking up on the search engines. Plus, you can control the message in your ad, whereas in organic results you can’t always control what the message will be

2. You are targeting the wrong audience

If you aren’t choosing the right countries to target on your ad campaigns, you may be wasting all your money. The people in India are in an earlier time zone. They can easily use up your daily budget which means no-one in Europe or the USA will see your ad.

At the very least, India may reduce your click-through rate. This, in turn, will drive up your costs and/or reduce your exposure to clients.

3. You are not adding negative keywords to your campaigns

Many B2B search terms are acronyms. And acronyms usually have many meanings. Make sure to add negative keywords to block unwanted searches.

However, this is not always enough. You may need to employ additional tactics for filtering out non-relevant impressions may be needed. Be aggressive in blocking out non-relevant traffic. This will save you money.
And by increasing your click-through rate, your ads will be exposed more often to relevant traffic.

4. You make do with limited traffic

Many B2B companies are in niche markets where there is not that much search traffic. However, you can be creative. For example, add keywords that your target person will search on even if the keyword does not describe your product or service.

5. You are using the wrong metrics

Almost every B2B company we start working with is using the wrong statistics to see what works. B2B products are usually expensive. Therefore, bounce rates are irrelevant. Conversion rates are not important either.

Quality leads are the most important metric. So make sure you track the absolute number of quality leads. Analyze the results and then optimize your campaigns to increase the number of leads.