Are Google and Bing Hiding the UN Report Showing No Starvation in Gaza?

The UN published a report on June 8, 2024 concluding that there is no proof of any starvation in Gaza. Google fails when searching for “Gaza starvation”, but Bing is worse.  Google’s first entry is from Wikipedia which is 100% wrong on the Gaza starvation issue. And the right column also shows false information from […]

AI, Google Translate & Digital Marketing

How Does Google Translate Work? Ever wondered how Google Translate works? Google Translate uses math and artificial intelligence (AI) to translate languages. Google can translate between two languages that are not English. But really it first translates from one language to English and then translates from English to the other language. This is because Google […]

Passover Jokes and Digital Marketing

The Passover holiday will soon arrive.  And it is important to prepare jokes ahead of time to get your children interested in the Seder. And also possibly in digital marketing. FYI: Typing the word Chometz on the Google search bar does not qualify as searching for Chometz. The rest of the jokes I know are […]

Even Microsoft Bing Can Make Simple Internet Usability Mistakes.

If you want to change your settings on Microsoft Bing it is pretty straightforward. I wanted to change my default search results to the United States. I clicked on the top right hamburger menu and then clicked on Settings and then on Country/region.   At the top was a list of important countries but I […]

Dall-E 3 Fights in the Israel Gaza War 

In our previous blog post on the winning digital marketing strategies of Hamas, we highlighted the power of emotional appeal over logical arguments. Visual storytelling, especially through compelling images, often strikes directly at the heart. But what do you do when you lack genuine, emotive content? Similar to how one might turn to AI solutions like ChatGPT to […]

Bank of Israel Forgot to Conduct Usability Studies

The Bank of Israel redid their website about a year ago. But apparently, they haven’t done any usability studies. When you land on their 404 page: The visual has nothing to do with the Bank of Israel. It shows a bird that has lost its way in the desert. Maybe it refers to the children of […]

Hamas is Excellent at Digital Marketing

I recently listened to an interview with Ella Kenan, a travel blogger and a digital marketer who has been working hard on helping Israel’s hasbara. Kenan was responsible for making the hashtag #HamasisISIS go viral. Kenan explains Hamas’s marketing prowess. Yahya Sinwar said in an interview to the US. “We are George Floyd. Just like George said, […]

Digital Marketing in the Wake of the Swords of Iron War in Gaza

Digital Marketing in the Gaza War Digital Marketers are uniquely equipped to explain Israel’s position in cyberspace because we understand the influence of social media. For example, Hamas uses the term “Free Palestine” even though Gaza has been free since 2005. Israeli Digital marketers as well as others who see through Hamas’ lies are needed […]

Make it Easy to Leave to Increase Sales and Leads

We all know that making it easier to buy products on our website will increase sales and leads. But a less-known strategy is to make it easier for people to disengage. Here is an example from Katy Milkman’s Choiceology podcast. Learn more how to reduce friction and increase sales and leads An online newspaper made it […]

A Word of Caution: Analyzing Gender Through Google Analytics

Male vs. female online shopping behavior Studies demonstrate that gender significantly influences online shopping behavior. As a result, analyzing male and female behavior on websites can be a strategic approach to optimize sales. However, when utilizing Google Analytics for this purpose, there are some critical considerations. Google Analytics provides the functionality to compare data between […]

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