Google Ads Experiment Strategy

Experiments on Google Ads  Did you know that Google Ads is literally set up to perform experiments? We had a successful campaign running with all its keywords on “Phrase match”. In general, phrase match is our preferred choice ever since +broad +match +modifier was deprecated.  After deprecating the keyword match type broad match modifier, Google […]

Is ChatGPT Better Than Google’s Bard?

No Access to Bard from Israel  Google’s Bard does not yet allow access from Israel. That’s already a big negative in our opinion. Instead of asking people which AI they think is better, we decided to go directly to the source and ask the AIs themselves. Sorry Bard, since you are not available in Israel, we […]

Chat GPT, AI and Digital Marketing

ChatGPT vs. Humans  ChatGPT has made quite an entrance. People are learning what it can and cannot do for digital marketing. We decided to test it against humans. We set up a contest on a freelance website for people to compose a new tagline for our business. We gave them information about what we wanted […]

Should You Use Negative Keywords on the Account Level

Have you read our first and second blog posts about negative keywords? Here is Part 3 Google has recently added the ability to add negative keywords on the account level. That has a few advantages: If you have a negative keyword that is appropriate for all your campaigns, this is a more reliable way of […]

One Word vs. Two Word Negative Keywords on Google and Bing Ads

Part Two: We wrote yesterday an important tip about negatives, which is that Google will not automatically add the plurals and misspellings of the keywords you add as negatives. You will need to add them manually. Here is our next negatives tip.  Many times, people add negative keyword phrases to Google Ads. For example, if a store […]

Google Ads Negative Broad Match Tips You Probably Don’t Know

Part 1 When you add a keyword to Google Ads or Microsoft Ads the search engines automatically include misspellings and plural versions. However, if you add this same keyword to the list of negative keywords this does not happen: •    If you want the plural version, then you must add in the plural version also. […]

Google Ad Responsive Search Ads Character Counter

Updated for 2023.  Also available in Hebrew. Responsive Search Ad Character Counter Simply fill in the fields below to help guide you in ad creations before implementing them into Google Ads. The form will stop when the max limit has been reached. A Note About Responsive Search Ads In 2022, Google sunsetted Expanded Text Ads. […]

Call Ads on Google Ads

Google Ads has a cool type of an advertisement called a call ad. A call ad is a type of Smart campaign. As seasoned marketers, we usually stay away from automated strategies such as Smart campaigns since Google has too much control for our taste. But, when we tested a call ad, we saw results […]

Why You Should Not Eliminate Keywords with High Bounce Rates in B2B Campaigns

The best way to explain this is by using an example. We will use an example where you are paying for a keyword in a PPC campaign such as Google Ads. A high bounce rate means that most of the visitors you are paying for are a waste of money since they come and leave […]

Should I Switch to Google Analytics 4 Early?

Google will stop reporting data to Google Analytics Universal in July 2023. However, there are important reasons to upgrade to GA 4 now. I will mention just the most important ones: • If you wait to switch next year you will not have any historical data. The historical data from Google Analytics Universal cannot be […]

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