Top Search Engines in Israel – Find Translations, Stocks, & More

There’s more to search than just Google. Here we discuss all the usual suspects, like Google and Bing, plus a number of specialized search engines in Israel, where you can find Hebrew/English translations, information on medicines, stock securities, and other products.

How To Not Like Something on Facebook

2020 Israeli Elections & the Facebook Ads Israeli elections number three here we come. Hopefully, the 23rd Knesset will be a charm. But again, we are all getting ambushed with ads from different parties. I got an ad on Facebook from a party that I really don’t like. (I won’t give names because let’s not […]

New Google Partner Badge Requirements

June 2020 Requirements Google announced last week that it will be changing its requirements for Search Engine Marketers to keep their Google Partner status. [Before we begin, let us say that we love Google. Google has completely shaped the internet and the way we use it. Ranking on Google (organic listings) and advertising on Google […]

The SEO Power of

I am considering buying an Instant Pot. They are so cheap in the US, but are the wrong voltage for Israel, so amazon’s free shipping deal won’t even help. My friend told me that she bought one on I went on there and it really was not cheap after the shipping cost and the customs. I figured it might actually be the same price here in Israel after all of that. Why not give a local merchant my business? I asked my friend about that and she told me it isn’t sold here at all. I found that hard to believe.

Disney’s Frozen, an SEO Ploy?

Rumor has it that Walt Disney had his body cryogenically frozen and stored underneath the Pirates of Caribbean ride at Disneyland.

Does that creep you out? Does that make you think twice about going on that ride next time you head to Disney World? Does that change the image you have in your head about Disney’s founder?

When Not To Do SEO

True or False: Organic traffic is free. False. If you guessed true, you are not alone. Many people think that organic traffic is free. But generating organic traffic takes time or it takes hiring a digital marketing agency to optimize the website for search engines. OK, we established that Organic Traffic is not free. The […]

PPC Expert Location Targeting

Are You Targeting Israel on Google Ads, But Not Getting The Traffic You Expected?
This Might Be The Reason Why. 

Learn pro tips for location targeting in Israel and worldwide.

Return On Investment Mistakes to Avoid

Are Your Pay-Per-Click Ads Holding Their Weight? Learn How To Easily Analyze The ROI on Your PPC Google Analytics can show you your Return on Investment pretty easily. The ROAS column shows you Return on Ad Spend. If you earn more than you spend the numbers are in green. The ad spend does not take into […]

Website Usability Testing

What is Website Usability Testing? Your website’s usability will be tested by a person performing 2-3 tasks. A typical task would be to find a product and then buy it. We can guarantee that we will find a problem with your website. A detailed report with recommendations will be sent to you at the end […]

Introducing.. AIMS Digital!

AIMS Advanced Internet Marketing Strategies is now AIMS Digital The Internet is a fast moving business and we always have to be ahead of the game.We felt that our name was dated and didn’t reflect our innovative business activity. For 20 years our business name has been:AIMS – Advanced Internet Marketing StrategiesWe are now changing it to: AIMS […]

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