Introducing.. AIMS Digital!

AIMS Advanced Internet Marketing Strategies is now AIMS Digital The Internet is a fast moving business and we always have to be ahead of the game.We felt that our name was dated and didn’t reflect our innovative business activity. For 20 years our business name has been:AIMS – Advanced Internet Marketing StrategiesWe are now changing it to: AIMS […]

Trust on the Internet – Part 2

Trust on the internet is becoming so important that I’m writing about it again. My previous blog predicted that trust would become more important on the Internet in the future. After I wrote that blog I happened to listen to a Freakonomics podcast about Apology. On the podcast, they explained how the entire economy is based […]

The Future of Digital Marketing (Trust, Part 1)

The future surely holds many changes for digital marketing that are impossible to predict. However, one thing is clear- people are losing trust in the internet. There have been a number of recent scandals that have caused people to lose trust in the Internet. Search engines have been manipulating what information we see Google, the most […]

GDPR Checklist, Excel Checklist and More

The European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect tomorrow and many website owners are scrambling to be compliant. Fines can be severe: up to 20 million Euros or 4% of revenues. Another reason to hope that the anti-democratic and anti-Israel EU will break apart. Before we get into the GDPR tools […]

B2B Marketing Not Working?

Having trouble with your B2B Advertising? Here are 5 things you might be doing wrong. 1. You don’t advertise because you have great organic positions in the search engines Organic traffic is great. But advertising will increase your leads even more. It doubles the real estate you’re taking up on the search engines. Plus, you […]

Chinese SEO Tips

Companies that want to market to Chinese speakers must first decide on their target markets. Who are you trying to reach? Also, bear in mind that there are two main versions of Chinese: Traditional Chinese is used in Taiwan and Hong KongSimplified or Mandarin Chinese is used in Mainland China For example, if you were […]

B2B Digital Marketing Fiscal Year Strategy

Many B2B campaigns slow down the last couple of weeks of December. This is because people are on holidays or they have already spent the budget for this year. It can be a good B2B strategy to increase ad budgets in November and the first part of December when people are finishing off their budgets […]

Save Time When Targeting Countries (or States) in Google Ads

The World According to Google (Ads) (Updated for 2021) The other day, I had to enter many countries into an Adwords campaign. My client dictated to me the countries he didn’t want to market to on the phone. Google Adwords (a.k.a. “Google Ads”) doesn’t have a fast way to enter this list. I would have […]

Linkedin vs Cold Calling

I recently saw a webinar from Linkedin which tried to explain how great it is to use social media to increase sales. They had research that showed that cold calling failed 90% of the time. And they had a nice graphic to show the 90% fail rate. But 90% fail rate is a 10% success […]

Your Conversion Rates May Have This Common Mistake

Many Adwords and Bing Campaigns fail to have the brand names as negatives. When this happens your conversion rates can be misleading. Consider this example: I have an adgroup for the keyword: Digital Marketing. The keyword is phrase on modified broad. That means that people search for AIMS (my brand name) Digital Marketing will also […]

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