Part 1

When you add a keyword to Google Ads or Microsoft Ads the search engines automatically include misspellings and plural versions. However, if you add this same keyword to the list of negative keywords this does not happen:

    If you want the plural version, then you must add in the plural version also.


    And if you don’t want your ad to show when someone misspells a negative keyword then you must add the misspelling also. 

Microsoft Ads have the same problems as Google Ads. If you don’t want to show for plurals or misspellings you must add them in manually. It is spelled out on Bing.

microsoft ads plural vs singular negative
Single and Plural Negative Keywords on Google Ads

Why do Google and Microsoft force you to add variants and misspellings on plurals and misspellings for negative keywords and not for regular keywords? 

Their answer would be that they don’t want us to mistakenly constrict our ad campaigns causing less searches. 

Or could it be that this increases their profits?

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