You may think this is a funny looking award but this hat is what Google sent me when I became one of the first 100 people worldwide to become a Google Professional. We participated in a web analytics webinar. The prize for asking the best question went to our web analyst. The book is about […]

B2B Marketing Not Working?

Having trouble with your B2B Advertising? Here are 5 things you might be doing wrong. 1. You don’t advertise because you have great organic positions in the search engines Organic traffic is great. But advertising will increase your leads even more. It doubles the real estate you’re taking up on the search engines. Plus, you […]

7 Mistakes in Web Analytics

Many times, statistics from web analysis can be misleading. It is all too easy to end up doing the wrong thing based on analysis of website statistics. Here are mistakes we have discovered for the following metrics: 1. Number of Leads by Keyword It is very important to measure conversions by keyword. This lets you […]

Medical Device Digital Marketing

Global Medical Device Marketing Many years of marketing medical devices has allowed us to learn what are the best strategies. There are a few considerations to consider before building a strategy: FDA Approval If FDA approval is required and granted – the FDA has many guidelines regarding what can be written on the website. Sometimes […]