Return On Investment Mistakes to Avoid

Are Your Pay-Per-Click Ads Holding Their Weight? Learn How To Easily Analyze The ROI on Your PPC Google Analytics can show you your Return on Investment pretty easily. The ROAS column shows you Return on Ad Spend. If you earn more than you spend the numbers are in green. The ad spend does not take into […]

7 Mistakes in Web Analytics

Many times, statistics from web analysis can be misleading. It is all too easy to end up doing the wrong thing based on analysis of website statistics. Here are mistakes we have discovered for the following metrics: 1. Number of Leads by Keyword It is very important to measure conversions by keyword. This lets you […]

B2B Web Analytics

A new B2B client of ours did not get that many quality sales leads per month through the Internet. As a matter of fact, they weren’t getting any, Although, traffic was increasing. After changing their web marketing strategy, we started getting leads, which is great. However, we wanted to find out where the high quality […]

How Often 404 Errors Appear on Your Website

One of the first things we do when starting to work with a new client is to check how many people end up on their 404 page. By reducing the traffic to your error page you can increase your conversion rate. We were recently surprised to find that one new client did not have a […]

Web Analytics – A Great Way to Help You Make the Wrong Decisions

It is well known that you have to be super careful when making decisions based on web analytics. It is so easy to make web analytics mistakes. Common mistakes such as not having analytics code installed properly are well known. 14 years of analyzing websites has exposed us to many of the possible mistakes. In […]

Mobile Website Analytics – Little Known Tips

If you are using Google Analytics you will see that GA includes the iPod as a mobile device. This may be misleading since behavior on the iPod is much different than on a mobile phone. You don’t have the problem of a tiny screen. In order to get more meaningful results, I recommend analyzing mobile […]

Can Google Adwords’ Cost/Lead Metric Ruin Your Business?

I was recently asked to review an existing campaign. The manager I was working with was looking at Cost/Conversion information based on country. The 1st thing I told her was not to base any decisions based on this information. Why not? Because there was no information on the quality of the leads. You can have […]

Web Analytics Segmentation and Low Fat Cottage Cheese

In the supermarket the other day I was happy to see a sale for low fat cottage cheese in a 3 pack. There were many 3 packs available and I soon found out why. The expiry date was fast approaching and my son nixed the purchase. Unfortunately there were no single low fat cottage cheese […]

SEO vs PPC Website Statistics Confuse the New York Times

Anyone who does web analytics knows how easy it is to make a mistake. So it is not surprising that the New York Times published an article which can be misleading. The NYT headline is “The Payoff of Ads on Search Engines” and reports on a study by Engine Ready that “visitors who get to […]

Dashboard Dangers and Web Analytics

Dashboards are important because they: Provide warning signals Provide people with an important information overview However, they can also be very dangerous. If your job requires you to interpret data and create actionable items you must have access to all the data. Don’t rely on someone to prepare a dashboard for you. Here why: You […]