Chinese SEO Tips

Companies that want to market to Chinese speakers must first decide on their target markets. Who are you trying to reach? Also, bear in mind that there are two main versions of Chinese: Traditional Chinese is used in Taiwan and Hong KongSimplified or Mandarin Chinese is used in Mainland China For example, if you were […]

Japanese SEO Tips

Japanese SEO is a great example of SEO for a language associated with just one country. If we look at Spanish, for example, it is the national language of several countries. This makes choosing a ccTLD (Country Code / Top Level Domain) difficult. In the case of SEO in Japan, there is only one language […]

Digital Marketing Strategy for China

China has the second biggest economy in the world. China is a large country and not every region is developing at the same rate. Shanghai, for example, rivals developed Western cities in wealth and sophistication. Why You Should Consider Digital Marketing in China Huge market: China has a growing consumer class which may be the […]

B2B Search Engine ads in Japan China and Korea – Where to Start?

Many B2B companies want to sell in the East but don’t know where to begin. The language barrier is real – working in Eastern languages is challenging. In some cases, it is worthwhile to test the waters in English. For example, if you are in hi-tech your target audience may search in English – or […]

Japanese Digital Marketing / PPC Strategy

Japanese Pay Per Click Japan’s highly developed economy is the 3rd largest in the world. Its wealthy population is good for the tourism industry and other luxury segments. Japan is a great market for B2B and B2C companies targeting: Manufacturing, medical, energy, research and other industrial sectors. A sophisticated, upwardly mobile population that interfaces using […]

Naver (Korean Search Engine) Representative at Korean Business Conference

Israel is turning East to Korea, Japan, China and India. Our central location, multi-lingual, multi-cultural DNA combined with our creativity has enabled this fast turnaround (pun intended). Many Israeli hi tech companies have already successfully penetrated these markets. In fact I sat next to someone who was selling well in Korea as well as other […]

China Internet Marketing: Baidu vs Google

Although Baidu is the dominant search engine in China, Google does have significant traffic. How significant depends on the specific keyword. Many people in China who look for B2B products or services use Google. Customer to Business searches however are dominated by Baidu. If you are searching for an MP3 download, Baidu is where most […]

China SEO and Chinese SEO – an Introduction

Companies that want to market to Chinese speakers must first decide on their target markets. Who are they trying to reach? But first let’s define some China SEO terms. What is China SEO? For the keyword China SEO there are a few meanings: Someone who wants find an SEO company to market to China Someone […]