B2B Marketing Not Working?

Having trouble with your B2B Advertising? Here are 5 things you might be doing wrong. 1. You don’t advertise because you have great organic positions in the search engines Organic traffic is great. But advertising will increase your leads even more. It doubles the real estate you’re taking up on the search engines. Plus, you […]

B2B Digital Marketing Fiscal Year Strategy

Many B2B campaigns slow down the last couple of weeks of December. This is because people are on holidays or they have already spent the budget for this year. It can be a good B2B strategy to increase ad budgets in November and the first part of December when people are finishing off their budgets […]

B2B Web Analytics

A new B2B client of ours did not get that many quality sales leads per month through the Internet. As a matter of fact, they weren’t getting any, Although, traffic was increasing. After changing their web marketing strategy, we started getting leads, which is great. However, we wanted to find out where the high quality […]

B2B Marketing Strategy: Mobile

An analysis of our clients’ websites shows that the amount of mobile traffic on B2B websites is much lower than on B2C websites. However, many of our B2B clients are now showing significant traffic on mobile—it can be 20-30% of total traffic. The conversion rate is usually much lower on mobile. This is especially true […]

B2B Marketing

B2B PPC Campaigns Your B2B PPC campaign will most likely go against the search engines’ algorithm. They reward ads that have a high Click through Rate (CTR). Many B2B businesses are in niche industries, as yours might be. In that case, you may want to filter out many of the people searching as they are […]