The SEO Power of

I am considering buying an Instant Pot. They are so cheap in the US, but are the wrong voltage for Israel, so amazon’s free shipping deal won’t even help. My friend told me that she bought one on I went on there and it really was not cheap after the shipping cost and the customs. I figured it might actually be the same price here in Israel after all of that. Why not give a local merchant my business? I asked my friend about that and she told me it isn’t sold here at all. I found that hard to believe.

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When Not To Do SEO

True or False: Organic traffic is free. False. If you guessed true, you are not alone. Many people think that organic traffic is free. But

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Viral Marketing My Ass

My neighbor who owns a Bible reenactment village, has a flair for PR. He equipped his donkeys with Wifi –probably the first in the world.

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