The SEO Power of

I am considering buying an Instant Pot. They are so cheap in the US, but are the wrong voltage for Israel, so amazon’s free shipping deal won’t even help. My friend told me that she bought one on I went on there and it really was not cheap after the shipping cost and the customs. I figured it might actually be the same price here in Israel after all of that. Why not give a local merchant my business? I asked my friend about that and she told me it isn’t sold here at all. I found that hard to believe.

When Not To Do SEO

True or False: Organic traffic is free. False. If you guessed true, you are not alone. Many people think that organic traffic is free. But generating organic traffic takes time or it takes hiring a digital marketing agency to optimize the website for search engines. OK, we established that Organic Traffic is not free. The […]

Trust on the Internet – Part 2

Trust on the internet is becoming so important that I’m writing about it again. My previous blog predicted that trust would become more important on the Internet in the future. After I wrote that blog I happened to listen to a Freakonomics podcast about Apology. In the podcast they explained how the entire economy is based […]

Why Did My Website have a Jump in Traffic? Or Drop?

Many times, a website will have a drop or gain in traffic. This is an opportunity to find out more about your website visitors. If it is a drop, it is important to find out the reason to rectify the problem. Or in some cases to reassure that there isn’t a problem (more on this […]

Viral Marketing My Ass

My neighbor who owns a Bible reenactment village, has a flair for PR. He equipped his donkeys with Wifi –probably the first in the world. Here are just some of the headlines he got. Internet for those who won’t get off their asses The Times of Israel Donkeys become Wi-Fi hot spots in historic Israeli […]

Will Google Follow IBM and Microsoft by Failing to Make the Leap?

Most companies stumble when technology shifts. How can that happen with search engines? In 10 years the web will be 32 times as powerful as it is now. So instead of many results you may get a single Answer. At least that is what Kevin Maney suggests in his Atlantic Monthly article. Actually, Google does […]

English Global Search Engine Marketing Keyword Strategy

Most people realize that different languages demand different keywords and strategies. However, English is a special case. It is now the de facto international language leaving Esperanto in the dust. Not everyone pays enough attention to the fact that English is used differently by different users. There are more second language English speakers than native […]