ChatGPT vs. Humans 

ChatGPT has made quite an entrance. People are learning what it can and cannot do for digital marketing. We decided to test it against humans. We set up a contest on a freelance website for people to compose a new tagline for our business. We gave them information about what we wanted to express about our company.

Many people participated and we received many options for our digital marketing company. We then asked ChatGPT to come up with a tagline also.

Robot hand an AI tool and human hand using a keyboard.
Chat GPT helps digital marketing company come up with a tagline.

Digital Marketing Content Contest: AI versus Humans

We didn’t find anything suitable from the humans. ChatGPT came up with some good options and we took one and modified it. We are in the process of updating our website and soon you will see the new tagline to our Company name: AIMS Digital Marketing: Linking Israeli Innovation to the Global Market Since 1998.

ChatGPT showed that it can be very helpful although we humans had to improve its final result. ChatGPT can be used for many other digital marketing tasks. For example, it can create content. However, this content has to be checked and most likely edited.

I am sure that Google will be working to keep its search results free of low quality AI generated content. And maybe downgrade websites that do this. Proceed with caution.


Google and Bing will be announcing their own AI solution soon. And there will probably others. It is sure to be interesting and will profoundly influence Digital Marketing.

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