No Access to Bard from Israel 

Google’s Bard does not yet allow access from Israel. That’s already a big negative in our opinion. Instead of asking people which AI they think is better, we decided to go directly to the source and ask the AIs themselves. Sorry Bard, since you are not available in Israel, we couldn’t get your opinion on the big question. We were able to get ChatGPT’s opinion.

google bard is not supported in Israel

W hen we asked ChatGPT which is better, we thought that it did a good job of defending itself. First, it explains that Bard is only used as a chatbot and it has a less sophisticated neural network design.

Then it comes in with the kill by quoting a website that claims that Bard used Gmail data for training, which may offend some people due to privacy issues.

It is also interesting that ChatGPT sometimes writes its name as ChatGPT and sometimes it adds a space between the words: Chat GPT. You would think it would know how to spell its own name.

conversation with ChatGPT AI

ChatGPT Coming Soon to Microsoft/Bing Search Results 

Microsoft is rolling out using ChatGPT in search results. Advertisers, do not worry. Per
Kya Sainsbury-Carter Corporate VP of Microsoft Advertising in her interview with WSJ she stated that ChatGPT will also be putting in links to products and articles within the text. However, they say they will be careful not to become a highway full of billboards.

We are looking for relevant engagement. We have tons of controls in terms of ad load and the experience that users are having. We have metrics that are looked at up to the highest levels about how consumers engage with ads, such as how quickly they click away from them, demonstrating that it wasn’t relevant or they didn’t mean to click on it says Sainsbury-Carter.

Basically, they are taking metrics and signals that were traditionally used for SEO rankings and using this to determine which advertisers will show up in the chatbot’s answers.

Fears of ChatGPT Going Off the Rails

ChatGPT has caused fear when it has gone off the rails such as when it explained the benefits of eating glass, became a mean bot instead of friendly and helpful, and even denied the Holocaust.  However, Microsoft explains that some of those stories were people misusing the chatbot and the regular user experience would not resemble these stories.

They add that of course they are working to fix these bugs and also figure out chatbot etiquette. Is it ok to spend 2.5 hours grilling the chatbot? That’s what happened in one of the stories where someone “broke” ChatGPT.

Chatbots are still in the “Wild West” 

We are still in the dawn of these chatbots and as time goes on, they will get more and more sophisticated. And Bing will develop rules for the users and the bots to insure a good user experience. 

This is similar to how different the internet was when we started digital marketing in 1998. The internet was a completely different place. There was less advertisers could do, but Google didn’t have its thousands of rules that it developed over the years to enable the best user experience as well as all the rules it was forced to enact for its users’ privacy. 

Now the big question is: “Will Microsoft’s ChatGPT cause Bing to steal traffic from Google?” Microsoft in the last few years has been upping their game buying more platforms to advertise on and overall becoming more sophisticated. The stakes are high for Google to get it right. Samsung has reportedly been considering switching out Google for Bing as the tech giant’s native search engine. Meanwhile, analysts estimate Google’s three-year contract with Apple is expected to expire sometime this year, which could give Bing an opening to potentially snag that business.  They say ChatGPT software will make them ahead of the game. What do you think? 

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