Companies that want to market to Chinese speakers must first decide on their target markets. Who are they trying to reach? But first let’s define some China SEO terms.

What is China SEO?

For the keyword China SEO there are a few meanings:

A company outside of China looking for information or SEO China companies would be interested in search results which focused on the meanings from 1 and 2. Search results for number 3 would mostly be in Chinese. However the savvy Chinese company which wants to do a global campaign may search in English or other target countries to narrow results. is the most popular search engine in China

What is Chinese SEO?

Chinese SEO is more specific than China SEO and one of the indicators of this is that there are fewer searches for Chinese SEO. The intents of these searchers can be:

Simplified and Traditional Chinese use different characters for the same word so it is important not to make a mistake about this.
For example, if you were manufacturing chop sticks in Tel Aviv and you wanted to sell to restaurants in mainland China you would target this keyword in Simplified Chinese –特拉维夫筷子制造厂
If however you wanted to sell to companies in Hong Kong you would write in Traditional Chinese – 特拉維夫筷子製造廠