Conversion Optimization — People are Starting to Get It

One thing I learned from experience was not to talk to potential clients about conversion optimization. They wanted traffic. And more traffic.

If I mentioned conversion optimization I could hear their eyes glaze over through the phone.

Recently, we had some calls from companies that wanted us to manage their Google Adwords campaign.
However, after a couple of minutes it became clear to me that they need conversion optimization first.

I took a chance and explained that if existing traffic is not converting enough it doesn’t make sense to increase traffic even more.

And they agreed.

People are finally starting to get it. For the first time we are starting with conversion optimization before we work on increasing traffic.

Take a look at your conversion rates.

Multiply your average revenue from each conversion. Now take that number and assume you can increase your conversion rate from 3% to 4.5 % which is the same as increasing your revenue by 50%. That is a worthwhile investment—don’t you think?

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