What Makes AIMS Different?

Most Digital Marketing companies in Israel – in the world, really – have 5, maybe 10 years of experience.

We have over 2 decades

We’ve seen boom economies, bust economies; we’ve seen internet sites come out of nowhere, grow to giants, and topple to dust. And we know, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Because the internet is constantly changing, but people don’t. Principles of marketing don’t.

The Internet is Constantly Changing

We love the change. We love learning new things every day. It’s what keeps this job interesting after over 20 years. 

What we really love is applying these new tools and technology to the timeless art of persuasion.

For example; we were there when Facebook first started, back when you needed an “in” through a university. (We were lucky enough to have one!)

And now, one client who came to us years ago, with barely an internet presence, we’ve helped grow to over 2 million followers on Facebook, with sales all over the world.

Experience Beyond the Internet

Our company was preparing for internet marketing before the internet was invented. We were a Marketing Communications company, honing our skills in advertising, design and copywriting.

Even before that, Ron’s Master’s thesis in Architecture (unwittingly) prepared him to become a website usability expert. He analyzed how buildings were actually used—in contrast to what the architect envisioned.

We now apply that insight to conversion optimization. Take the way designers think about entrances. Just as an architect might envision everyone entering a building through the main door, many website designers design as if everyone first lands on the home page. 

They don’t. 

Just as you might enter your home through the back door,; your Product pages, your Help pages, and your About page all need to instantly convey to your customers what your site is about, and help guide them toward the decision to do business with you.

Long Term Relationships

What we love most is our clients. We love them, and we love helping them grow their businesses over the long-term.

Most of our clients stay with us for years and years, because they love the results they get with us.

(See some testimonials here.)

In the beginning, we did take some clients which, in retrospect, weren’t appropriate. 

One client sold jewelry. He had a very small selection and was competing with much larger companies with more resources. Because of his small selection, his conversion rate was low. We did improve his AdWords campaign compared to the original campaign. However, in hindsight, a small jewelry company can only succeed with Google Ads if they focus on a small niche with many offerings. Otherwise, the cost to get traffic in this super competitive business is too large to attain a positive ROI.

Today, we are very careful to only work with clients with whom we believe we can succeed. It is not worth it for us to take on short-term clients because the first few months don’t cover our costs due to the time it takes to learn about a new client.

We’re in this for the long-term. When we commit to you, we commit to long-term results.

Israel is in a Unique Position. Literally.

We are now busy working with our clients all over the world, which we find absolutely fascinating. 

In the morning, we first communicate with clients in the East, as it is towards the end of their workday. After that, we check in with our clients in Israel and Europe. In the afternoon we have our meetings with our clients in the USA and the rest of the Americas.

This keeps our fingers on the pulse of the entire planet. We can use our knowledge of trends in the East to benefit our clients in the West, and vice versa. (It’s pretty incredible.)

So, Why Use AIMS?

Because we have the kind of experience that no-one else has. 

The kind of experience that is going to help you grow your business today, and tomorrow, and beyond.



I am really impressed how organized, to the point, and how AIMS is really on top of everything. So far, it has been a pleasure working with you.”

Josh Starr | Nanonics Imaging Ltd.