It is not easy deciding which Digital Marketing Company to work with. Here are some of our case studies to help you decide.


The hotel industry is very competitive in Europe. After working with us to increase occupancy, our client had to add another wing to the hotel. You can’t get better results than that.

B2B Kitchen Supplier

A B2B client that produces commercial kitchen supplies had a big increase in orders after we started working with them. At one point they told us that they can not keep up with their orders. It was great for them, but not so great for us. They stopped working with us as we were bringing in too many new clients.

Medical Tourism

A new medical tourism company with in-house SEO contacted us. They wanted to get a lot of traffic fast and didn’t think their in-house SEO department could do it. They offered a retainer fee with a big bonus if we reached their target within a year. After that, they would take over the SEO.

After 2 months they called to terminate our contract as they did not see the traffic they were expecting. I remember the call very vividly because I was in the middle of a squash match.

I explained to them that we work in a very methodological matter. First, we do research, then we build a strategy and only then do we implement. They agreed to give us another month for implementation. We reached their traffic goal 6 months ahead of schedule. We received our bonus after only 6 months.

Tourism to Japanese

A few years ago, I received an email from an American company asking us to take over their digital marketing from their existing company. The only unusual part was that the marketing has to be in Japanese. I like challenges and immediately agreed. We are now working with them for over 5 years and helped them with digital marketing in Korean as well. We like challenges.

Medical Device

Many clients have been working with for us for many years. One client has been working with us for 15 years. However, during those 15 years, they left us. Twice! In both cases, they came back to us. It is nice to know that clients come back to us even after trying our competitors

Strength Training

We took over a campaign for a strength training product. We stopped their Adwords search campaigns as they were wasting their money. Facebook ads and posts have resulted in over 1.3 million followers and 100,000 subscribers. This extra exposure is driving their ever increasing sales.


AIMS has completely changed the way we publish the content on our site. They have helped us streamline our navigation system and develop on-going and varied strategies for increasing relevant traffic on our site. The result is a steady stream of qualified, low-cost leads!
Ruth Bridger, Director of Marketing | BOScom, Ltd. Teradyon, Israel

Hi-Tech B2B Networking Company 

We took over the digital marketing of a B2B hi-tech networking company. The company had recently made an unsuccessful update to their website . The redirects were not done properly and it was too late to fix this.

In addition, the Coronavirus hit and leads from conferences and sales people went down very significantly. Virtual conferences were a very poor replacement.

In order to get fast results, we first revamped their online search campaigns:
• We redid all of their campaigns.
• Focused their display ads much more narrowly
• Added Bing search ads in addition to Google
• Added search ads in a foreign language where they had many sales

These actions succeeded in bringing in a steady flow of leads to replace the leads lost from conferences and salespeople.

But we were still not satisfied. We decided to do a usability study to see what we were missing. We carefully picked testers that we felt would bring us new insights. The usability test did help us find many places where we could improve the website. However, there was one thing that really helped us refocus all our efforts.

We listened very carefully to what the testers were saying and realized that we were not focusing enough on one important keyword. We checked our ad campaign and saw the conversion rate for this keyword was twice as high as the average.

We made this keyword the most important SEO keyword for our organic efforts. We also altered the ad group with this keyword so that it would not run out of budget.

The result of these efforts was a doubling of the goal value.

Our client asked us to meet them and explain to them what we did to increase their sales so much.

Analytics before and after usability study & improvements to B2B tech site
Usability testing resulted in the doubling of the goal value and increasing sales.