Digital Marketing in the Gaza War

Digital Marketers are uniquely equipped to explain Israel’s position in cyberspace because we understand the influence of social media. For example, Hamas uses the term “Free Palestine” even though Gaza has been free since 2005.

Israeli Digital marketers as well as others who see through Hamas’ lies are needed to make sure the public is fully informed. I myself spend time each day in cyberspace explaining the Israeli position.  

Ella Kinan is a great example on how to explain Israel’s position. You can listen to her interview here. Click on the cc button for English.

"The Palestinians created a brand that allows them to rape and to murder" Ella Kinan
אלה קינן מסבירה איך הפלסטינים יצרו "מותג" שמאפשר להם לאנוס ולרצוח.

Israeli Society Volunteers to Support Their Military 

The military effort is the most important thing to focus on during the war. It is inspiring how people are doing everything they can to help the soldiers.

The start of the war was very sudden and lots of soldiers had to run to go fight without even being able to pack a bag. We quickly went to the store and bought tons of socks, undershirts
and underwear and had it delivered to a nearby base so that the soldiers could concentrate on fighting instead of being distracted by their filthy undergarments.

Nobody wants the soliders to rely on army rations. There are organizations organizing hot homemade food deliveries to soldiers and reserve units on various bases. Full Shabbat meals are sent to them including various dips that the soldiers love. 

Some people come and make barbeques for the soldiers. Others bring snacks such as energy bars. A local sushi store closed for business for 2 weeks and instead of feeding customers, they spoiled IDF soldiers with delicious sushi salads. Cooked fish only. They didn’t want it to spoil on the way.

There are many families whose fathers are away in the reserves. This is hard on the families especially moms of young children. People organize meals for these families. When school was cancelled at first, teenagers were begging these moms to come and babysit their kids and help them. We collected money to make nice care packages for these women to show them that we support them.

We all volunteer to do guard duty to make sure our town stays safe. Some of our neighbors volunteer to help farmers pick their crops since most of the forgein workers went back to their native countries. 

Safe Rooms (Mamad)

 A few weeks ago a neighbor of ours asked me for advice on adding a safe room to her home. People are concerned that Hezbollah may start sending missiles to Northern Israel and she knew that I moonlight as an architect.

We had a plumber at the house and he overheard us talking. So I went to his house also.

I decided to advertise in our local newsletter and offered free architectural advice for adding safe rooms. Pretty soon I had a lot of “clients”.

Here is more information on Getting Safe Room advice. 

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