Would you like your Digital Marketing vendor to increase your sales and leads even more?

Should I dump my Digital Marketing vendor?

When should you change Digital Marketing vendors?

Is my Digital Marketing vendor is doing a good job?

The best and easiest way to evaluate your digital marketing efforts is to hire an outside consultant to review your PPC campaigns. They can quickly find big mistakes if there are any.

The 2nd stage of the analysis is to analyze the campaigns on a more granular level.

There are 2 types of analysis. One is to check if best practices are being followed:

AB ad testing

Adding in new KWs when discovered

Optimizing campaign

Controlling budget without hitting budget ceilings

The 2nd type of analysis is to check the strategies being used and results:

Segmentation of
campaign strategy.

  • Are they divided by regions, or quality of the keyword? Does this division work?
  • Are bidding strategies matched to the keyword type?
  • Are sales and leads optimized?

What we have
found in existing campaigns

We have reviewed many accounts. Some are using the wrong strategies. Others are very good, but even those campaigns can be improved. It always helps to have someone from the outside perform a review. Some examples:

One account we reviewed had a Google Ads campaign that was not bringing in any sales. We reviewed and found that the website had mostly organic traffic. And the sales that it  received were from Facebook.

  • We recommended that they move most of their advertising budget to Facebook to increase sales. And use the remaining Google ads budget for a remarketing campaign to advertise to their organic traffic. The result was a big increase in sales.

Another account we reviewed had increased their traffic very significantly through Google Ads but leads did not increase.

  • We recommended stopping their existing ad campaign. And creating new ones which focus on news events that are relevant to them. The result was a big increase in leads.

One time review vs a monthly review

One-time reviews are great but we also have an option where we participate in monthly or bi-monthly zoom meetings with your Digital Marketing team or vendor.

We prevent mistakes and make recommendations that everyone else overlooks. Between meetings we analyze your data in order to offer even more recommendations to improve. This method has proved to be super effective.

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