One of our clients had an existing Google Ads campaign managed by another company. An analysis of the ROI found that we should shut it down immediately which we did except for a remarketing campaign.

We then focused on Facebook. The company’s Facebook
page had a lot of traffic, but it wasn’t optimized for
A combination of editorial optimization and
boosted posts resulted in increased conversions at a very low cost. The page now has over one million (1,000,000) authentic likes as well as many shares.

Facebook has now passed Google and is now the single
largest source of traffic to the website

Global Social Media Campaigns

Your social media campaigns will be tailored to  your companies needs. There are many options with social media. Many USA social media platforms dominate worldwide and most have  multi-lingual options:

Social Media Strategies: Important Regional Considerations

Different countries have different penetrations for each platform.
Your global social media strategy must take this into account.

China is one example. One American social media company that is an exception is LinkedIn. They have been successful in China.

Korea is another example of a country with powerful local social media. Different regions use various social media platforms for different reasons.

Japan, for example, uses Facebook like the US uses LinkedIn.

Social Media Advertising

Many social media platforms have several advertising options. The most popular are :

Most social media platforms allow you to choose in which countries you want  to appear. Your strategy may be different for the various regions. For example, remarketing (which some people consider a form of stalking) can be less  acceptable in some cultures. The type of industry can also affect this.

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