China has the second biggest economy in the world. China is a large country and not every region is developing at the same rate. Shanghai, for example, rivals developed Western cities in wealth and sophistication.

Why You Should Consider Digital Marketing in China

Huge market: China has a growing consumer class which may be the perfect market for your product. The best way to determine this is by running a test.

Less competition: Since it is more difficult to mount a campaign in Chinese you will have less competition.

China has become more open. There are more opportunities than ever before.

There are Many Barriers to Successful Marketing in China:

Language barrier: China is not an easy language for Westerners. And there are two major variations to contend with: Traditional Chinese, which is used in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and Simplified Chinese (Mandarin), which dominates on the mainland.

Chinese search engines are not easy to navigate when setting up ad campaigns. The interface is all in Chinese, of course. And it is more difficult to communicate (even if you speak Chinese) and fulfill their requirements than with Google. Baidu is the dominant search engine in China. There are other Chinese search engines that have significant traffic: 360 Search and Sogou

Social Media: Almost everything in China has dominant Chinese versions. In addition to Chinese search engines, there are indigent Chinese social media sites.

This includes video websites.

In addition, you need to be aware of censorship traditions.

Payment: International credit cards and Paypal are not widely used in China. So if you have an e-commerce site, payment is a challenge.

Local laws and customs: China’s customs and laws can be more of a challenge than in other countries.

Digital Marketing Strategy for China

Like all languages, it is important to create campaigns with a native speaker who understands China. In China, it is easier to make mistakes than in other countries.

Our strategies include: