Picture of a Frozen 1 DVD

Rumor has it that Walt Disney had his body cryogenically frozen and stored underneath the Pirates of Caribbean ride at Disneyland.

Does that creep you out? Does that make you think twice about going on that ride next time you head to Disney World? Does that change the image you have in your head about Disney’s founder?

Conspiracy theorists believe that Disney is also not keen on having this rumor publicized. Disney likes to keep its image squeaky clean and kid-friendly and has gone to crazy lengths to protect their image. These types’ rumors don’t jive with their desired image.

So, how do you remove something from the internet? Send it far from page 1 of the search results, of course… That is exactly what Disney did. But how? Take the keywords “Disney” and “Frozen” and produce something epic to the extent that it sends articles discussing Walt Disney’s frozen body off of the page.

Welcome Elsa, Anna and Olaf, of Disney’s extremely popular “Frozen” that “Let the rumors go”. Search “Disney Frozen” and you will get lots of movie-related results and not a page full of results about the famous rumor.

This is a conspiracy theory. There is no hard evidence proving that this is true, just speculation. Regardless, whether true or false, rumors can still tarnish an image. While unproven, it does make sense that Disney wants it gone at whatever price. As an SEO company, we thought it was absolutely brilliant example of manipulating search results. For you and me, 150 million dollars might be going too far to influence search results. But for Disney, it is chicken feed.

We know most companies don’t have that kind of budget, but if you want more information about what our digital marketing agency can do for you, contact us today

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