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As of August 2019, Google rolled out new additions to their Extended Text ad. Now it is possible to add a 3rd Headline and a 2nd Description to ads. Additionally, the character limits on the Descriptions was increased to 90 characters instead of 80.

Unfortunately, Headline 3 and Description 2 will not always show. Keep this in mind when writing your ad copy. Headline 3 and Description 2 should add to the message, but the main message still needs to be in Headlines 1 and 2 and Description 1.

Expanded Text Ad Character Counter

Simply fill in the fields below to help guide you in ad creations before implementing them into Google Ads. The form will stop when the max limit has been reached.

A Note About Responsive Text Ads

With responsive search ads, you enter multiple headlines and descriptions and Google will select 2-3 headlines and 1-2 description lines, based on their estimation of what the user is most likely to click. 

You MUST enter at least 3 headlines, and up to 15. You MUST enter at least 2 description lines, and up to 4. 

These lines are the same length as for regular “expanded” text ads, and so, the character counter tool below remains unchanged. More on Responsive Text Ads coming soon.

Headline 1:
Max 30 characters
Headline 2:
Max 30 characters
Headline 3:
Max 30 characters
Description 1:
Max 90 characters
Description 2:
Max 90 characters
URL Path:
Max 15 characters per box
Destination URL:
Max 1024 characters


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