Google Ads has a cool type of an advertisement called a call ad. A call ad is a type of Smart campaign. As seasoned marketers, we usually stay away from automated strategies such as Smart campaigns since Google has too much control for our taste. But, when we tested a call ad, we saw results that were so good that they were worth losing control.

So here’s how we do it.

Step 1:  Create a New Campaign.

Step 2: Do something we don’t usually recommend. Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance. 

Step 3: Select Smart campaign

Step 4:  You can choose to use your Google My Business profile, or not. We choose not to.

 Step 5: We entered our business name.

Google Call Ad preview

Step 6: We entered the website URL (doesn’t have to be home page, can be any landing page). We recommend copy and pasting from the browser for best accuracy. 

Then, you get a nice preview that shows how your ad will look. 

Google Ads call ads preview
Preview of ad Google Call Ads

Step 7: We clicked next and then clicked on “Get more calls”.  

select main advertising goal for Google call Ads

Step 8: Write the Ad 

Write it like a regular Expanded Text ad. But you also have the option to add images similar to a responsive display ad. Make sure to double check the phone number.

You can always edit your ad after you set it up.

write your ad for Google Call Ads

Step 9: Select up to 10 “Keyword Themes” (you can add more later) 

add keyword themes for Google Call ads

Step 10: Select the locations that you want to target. 

location targeting Google Call Ads tutorial

You can also enter an address & use that as a radius, eg, within 15 miles of your office. 


Step 11: Set a budget.  

Google will happily recommend a large budget, or you can enter your own budget. We recommend starting with a higher budget than you really want to use and then slowly lowering it by 5% each day. In our experience, campaigns that start off higher tend to perform better.  

select budget Google Call Ads Tutorial

Step 12: Review & make changes:  

Review your ad and make sure it says what you want it to say.

Now you’re done. If you don’t want your ad to run right away, make sure to pause it.

check over your Google Ads call ad

If you want to edit the campaign later:  

edit Google Ads call campaign

Scroll down until you see:  

edit Google Ads call ads
google ads call ads campaign preview
google ads call ads preview
google ads call ads preview
Google Call Ad preview

 Google My Business Setting

If you chose to set up your ad by pulling data from the Google My Business listing, then, when you go to edit the ad schedule, if you select “Business hours” from the drop-down menu, it will automatically pull hours from your Business listing hours. Or select custom hours, or to run the ad any time.  

Business hours from Google My Business

And there you go. We wish you a successful campaign. If you would like a free consultation from seasoned marketers, contact us now

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