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There’s more to search than just Google. Here we discuss all the usual suspects, like Google and Bing, plus a number of specialized search engines in Israel, where you can find translations or information on medicines, stock securities, and other products. Descriptions include PPC advertising options, interface language and more.

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International Interfaces for Israel


Search Features:

  • Hebrew and English search results
  • Hebrew User Interface
  • Voice search in Hebrew from any device with a microphone (computer, mobile, tablet).
  • Full sync option with various Google apps such as: YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, etc.
  • Options to search specific regions or languages
  • Click on Settings in top right of your SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and select Advanced Search 


Advertising/PPC Features:

  • Displays ads in Hebrew and other languages
  • Has the option to advertise in Israel alone (or any other country)
  • A Keyword Tool in Hebrew which provides help with keyword research and choosing the right terms


Bing Search Features:

  • Hebrew User Interface
  • Hebrew and English Search Results
  • Choose your Region

Advertising Features (PPC):

  • Display advertising in Hebrew and other languages
  • Advertising can be trageted to Israel only
  • Bing captures a small market share in Israel, but may help promote your business as its advertising competition is relatively low. In addition, advertising in Bing may help those who advertise abroad and especially in the United States.


Yahoo Search Features:

  • Powered by Bing
  • Hebrew and English Search Results
  • Choose your Region – may select multiple regions at once; Israel is an option
  • Go to the menu button top right corner and select Settings. Select Languages from the menu on the left side. Choose desired region(s)
  • Searches in Hebrew

Interesting Facts About Yahoo!

  • Along with other Yahoo sites dealing with various topics, the Yahoo! Finance is also popular with investors in Israel
  • Yahoo has its own e-mail software


Yandex is a Russian software and computer company, and owns the fourth largest search engine in the world. Many Russian citizens in Israel use this search engine, making it one of the most popular search engines in Israel.

Yandex Search Features:

  • Yandex is an Israeli domain that shows results in Russian and English as well as in several other languages but without the possibility of presentation in Hebrew. However, Hebrew language search is supported
  • Extended geographical and linguistic search option for certain documents and websites
  • Family search for children

Interesting Facts About Yandex

  • Yandex search engine dominates nearly 50% of the Russian Internet market
  • Yandex dominates 7% of the Turkish market
  • Yandex provides, among other things, an online taxi reservation service through a mobile app. In 2019, Yandex launched this service in Israel under the brand name “Yango”

Search Engines & Directories With Special Expertise In Israel

Search Engine of the Hebrew Language Academy

  • Used to search for Hebrew words and get their meaning.
  • In addition, the search engine displays many website pages with content related to the word entered.


  • The popular translation engine in Israel
  • You can enter one word or short sentence in Hebrew or English and get a professional translation
  • Morfix provides all possible translation options with reference to the various verbs and provides examples that help to understand
  • This translation engine is used by many students as it also addresses the academic meaning of search words
  • There is the option to search by voice and play the desired word
  • There is an option to quickly replace the search term from Hebrew to English and vice versa

Ministry of Health’s Drug Search Engine

Used to search for drugs in different ways:

  • Search for a drug by trade name or active ingredient
  • Search for a prescription drug by symptom
  • Search for preparations with the same active substance
  • Advanced Search
    • There is a filter option to search only for medicines in the health basket


Search engine to compare popular product prices in Israel

  • Advanced search options by product, brand, price, size, etc.
  • Option to shop at a local store according to the desired location setting
  • Full technical specifications are available for each product
  • Option to track price drop for defined products.
  • You can rate products and write reviews on the store – Zap reviews every review before approving it.
  • There is the option to sort a product based on its delivery time and store rating.

The Israeli Stock Exchange Website

The search engine for all Israeli securities.

  • Secure search option by company name and paper number
  • View detailed data on each company and company including company reports and stakeholder information
  • View trading data (15 minutes delay)


Search Features:

  • Google Custom Search
  • Science & Technology Directory in English
  • Search result options:
  • English search results
  • Paid search results in English & Hebrew

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