Global Medical Device Marketing

Many years of marketing medical devices has allowed us to learn what are the best strategies.

There are a few considerations to consider before building a strategy:

FDA Approval

If FDA approval is required and granted – the FDA has many guidelines regarding what can be written on the website.

Sometimes it is recommended to have a USA and non-USA website in order to allow better explanations on the non-USA website.

Who Is The Target Client?

The target client can be the patient or medical professionals or purchasing personnel.

In some cases, it is recommended to target the patient so they will be able to bring up options with their doctor.

If hospitals or clinics will purchase the device the digital marketing strategy should focus on all the decision-makers.

This can include doctors, nurses, physician assistants, as well as hospital administrators.

In some cases, the target client will be distributors if that is the chosen distribution strategy.

International Considerations

Many countries have different requirements for advertising medical devices.

For example, the USA has the FDA requirements. Japan also has strict regulations. Depending on the type of device, regulatory agencies may affect the digital marketing strategy.

In addition, different countries may require marketing to different target clients.

Digital Marketing Channels for Medical Devices             

SEO – Search engine optimization



Social Media

Cold calling based on Internet visits

We have over 15 years of experience marketing various medical devices throughout the world.

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