1. If you are using Google Analytics you will see that GA includes the iPod as a mobile device. This may be misleading since behavior on the iPod is much different than on a mobile phone.
    You don’t have the problem of a tiny screen. In order to get more meaningful results, I recommend analyzing mobile devises with the iPad taken out.
  2. After you do that the first thing to do is check the conversion rate as compared to the rest of the website. If it is much less then your site may have major usability problems on mobile phones. Before you jump to conclusions check that the same kind of traffic is coming to both mobile and non-mobile devices. If it is not similar that could be the reason for different conversion rates.
  3. Compare mobile bounce rates vs the rest of the site. If there is a big discrepancy you may see that your navigation system doesn’t work on some or all mobile devices. Flash menu systems don’t work on the iPhone.

Make sure you continually moniter the mobile segment as its importance is growing all the time. In light of this the Mobile Marketing Association has formed a committee to establish mobile analytics standards.

All of our clients show faster growth in mobile than almost every other segment.

One last tip: For most of our clients the iPhone and Android are the most popular mobile devices. Check your stats and make sure your Internet marketing people are testing your website using these devices.

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