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Price Comparison

There are a wide variety of prices and models for 
global digital marketing. In the table below you can see general pricing


Company in India

US Company


Digital Marketing

$150 / Month

$2500 - $7500
/ Month

$990 - $6900/ Month

Digital Marketing
Fees for Global

We are a boutique Digital Marketing company operating in Israel, with over 25 years of experience.

Working in Israel allows us to give better service & results, with lower fees than our competitors with higher overhead.

Our streamlined procedures and experience make us super efficient.

Fees for small local niche companies start at $990/month.

Most of our clients sell internationally or use their website to produce quality leads. Fees for these companies are higher. 

In addition to our fees, there are separate charges for advertising channels. However, we excel in reducing the costs imposed by these channels. While advertising platforms frequently push for budget increments, our expertise lies in maximizing client ad budgets without the continual need to spend more.


Search engine ads
usually include:

For specific countries
you may also need:

Social Media ad platforms include:

In addition you may want to advertise:

On specific websites that we contact directly for you

On specific websites that we contact directly for you

Most of our clients spend between $900 and $300,000 per month on advertising.

Some may start with as little as $300 to make sure it works. But when they see the results they almost always add more.

That includes B2B high tech companies.

Small local niche business such as medical practices or
lawyers can sometimes spend only a few hundred dollars amonth.

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