Corporate Social Responsibility

Free Saferoom (Mamad) Advice

A Mamad is is an acronym for merkhav mugan dirati, a protective space in an apartment. After the Gulf War, a law was enacted mandating a Mamad in each newly-built apartment. Mamadim have specific laws and requirements intended to keep them a safe place in case of need. 

In the current war, Swords of Iron, thousands of rockets have been fired at Israel from Gaza and Lebanon. There is no way to know what the future brings, but having a Mamad is more critical than ever.

In order to help those who want to build Mamadim, Ron Spinner, a registered architect is offering free architectural advice (but not engineering advice) regarding where to place your Mamad.
Email for free advice. 

Together we will win.

Reduced Rate for Non-profits

We give non-profit clients a reduced rate and sometimes we will even work pro-bono!

As a digital marketing company, our mission goes beyond profit. We channel our skills and resources towards making a positive impact. We are dedicated to helping non-profit organizations enhance their reach and effectiveness. Through this commitment, we don’t just drive business growth – we help people & uplift our communities, making the digital world a tool for positive change. 

Chiburim - Dating Service

Chiburim is a non-profit website with the goal of helping men and women between the ages of 25-45 find their partner. 

Chiburim utilizes a unique approach of having mentors/dating coaches available for their members. The mentors get to the know the members & help them select potential dates from teh site and also guide the member during the dating process. 

As a committed husband, father of six, and CEO of AIMS, Ron Spinner embodies the value of family. His personal experiences guide his drive to bolster Chibruim’s mission. This reverence for family unity propels our dedication to ensuring Chiburim’s impactful work thrives.