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Top Search Engines in Israel – Find Translations, Stocks, & More

  • There’s more to search than just Google. Here we discuss all the usual suspects, like Google and Bing, plus a number of specialized search engines in Israel, where you can find translations or information on medicines, stock securities, and other products.
  • Descriptions include PPC advertising options, interface language and more.

Google Ads Character Counter

  • The Google Ads interface counts your characters, of course, but you can’t access it without an Ads account.
  • Use this tool to collaborate with others to draft ads for your business.
  • Includes a complete explanation of Google’s new Responsive Search ads.

Save Time When Targeting Countries (Or States) In Google Ads

  • Compete directions for batch-adding countries or states into Google Ads Targeting interface.
  • Contains lists of all countries, countries in each continent, or states in the USA.
  • Simply edit the lists as needed and copy/paste them into Google Ads.

7 Mistakes in Web Analytics

  • Many times, statistics from web analysis can be misleading. It is all too easy to end up doing the wrong thing based on analysis of website statistics. Here are 7 “popular” mistakes we have discovered. 

SEO Cartoon Quiz

  • Ready for some fun? Want to test your SEO knowledge? Take our Cartoon Quiz!
  • Match the cartoon with the best description.

How to Set up a Google Call Ad

  • Looking to get more calls to your business? We made an in-depth, step-by-step guide with screenshots on how to set up a Google Call Ad. No, not an extension to a current ad. A Google Call Ad is an ad by itself optimized just for getting phone calls to your company.


I am really impressed how organized, to the point, and how AIMS is really on top of everything. So far, it has been a pleasure working with you.”

Josh Starr | Nanonics Imaging Ltd.

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