What’s in a name? Well, when it comes to SEO, a rose is not just a rose…

I am considering buying an Instant Pot. They are so cheap in the US, but are the wrong voltage for Israel, so amazon’s free shipping deal won’t even help. My friend told me that she bought one on amazon.uk. I went on there and it really was not cheap after the shipping cost and the customs. I figured it might actually be the same price here in Israel after all of that. Why not give a local merchant my business? I asked my friend about that and she told me it isn’t sold here at all. I found that hard to believe.

I decided to google and the first result after the Big Names (like amazon) was this cute little website. A summary of the site would be: Instant Pot is not available in Israel. Buy it in the UK, and don’t buy it in the US because 110V won’t work here. You won’t regret it. It’s just that good. It goes on to explain a little bit why it’s that good.

It is clear to this digital marketer that the entire point of the site is to get people to buy the pot using an affiliate link. The site’s agenda is not hidden. It even states on one of the pages that the link is an affiliate link.

We tell our clients all the time about the importance of linkbait; how adding useful content to the site is critical for SEO purposes. It’s a hard topic because linkbait doesn’t sell in the same way product pages do and it takes longer to see tangible results. Convincing busy businesses to see the value is difficult. But look at this. Answer a question that people are asking on a website. Obviously American expats in Israel are longing for the ease of the Instant Pot that their sister in New Jersey describes. Voila! The site ranks high as there is little competition for the keyword “Instant Pot Israel” especially considering it is not even sold here.

Instantpotisrael.com can also enjoy the benefits of having me link to them. That’s another point. Write articles of value and someone might just do the same as me and link to your website on their article or blog post. When people link to a site, it signals to Google that the site is authoritative. Google assigns greater value to the more authoritative sites which gives it an SEO boost moving the website closer to the allusive page one, position one.

Now if anyone is looking for a business idea, importing Instant Pots may be a good one. But sorry, the domain name instantpotisrael.com is already taken.

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