Trust on the internet is becoming so important that I’m writing about it again.

My previous blog predicted that trust would become more important on the Internet in the future.

After I wrote that blog I happened to listen to a Freakonomics podcast about Apology. In the podcast they explained how the entire economy is based on trust. On the Internet, trust is more difficult to earn because many personal and human interactions are absent. However being difficult to attain will not make it any less essential.

As trust becomes more and more important, all businesses will have to learn how to increase the level of trust that they instill in their customers. Businesses must understand that trust will be a crucial part of conversion optimization.


If you want to become a more reliable company, learn from the mistakes of Uber. Click here to listen to the podcast. Learn more about trust, about research on 1.5 million Uber users and how companies actually should sometimes apologize.