My neighbor who owns a Bible reenactment village, has a flair for PR. He equipped his donkeys with Wifi –probably the first in the world. Here are just some of the headlines he got.

Internet for those who won’t get off their asses
The Times of Israel

Donkeys become Wi-Fi hot spots in historic Israeli park
The Los Angeles Times

Giddy App! Ride Wi-Fi-Equipped Donkeys At A Biblical Theme Park
Fast Company

When I bumped into him he asked me how he can take advantage of all the traffic. People focus a lot on how to do viral marketing but few people ask my neighbor’s question. In addition to the standard analysis of new keyword traffic, referrals, etc. I told him to put up an AB test.

A successful viral campaign is an opportunity to get AB test results fast. Just make sure you filter out the irrelevant traffic. Otherwise you may come to the wrong conclusions.

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