Web Analytics Insights Improved by Using Medical Diagnostic Methods

It seems like I am not the only one to be interested in the way doctors model their thinking. In his book “How Doctor’s Think” Jerome Groopman tells of a hand problem he had. He visited a few doctors but none inspired confidence with their diagnosis or lack thereof. Finally, a young doctor decided to compare both of Doctor Groopman’s hands – an innovative idea — and found the problem. I like that idea and use it frequently in web analytics.

By comparing two things your brain sees things it wouldn’t otherwise think of

Many times when we are looking for new insights on a web site we compare. Comparison examples include:

  • Conversion paths for different languages
  • Conversion paths of PPC vs natural search
  • Two keywords that land on the same page

What have you found useful to compare?

How Doctors Think by Jerome E. Groopman, M.D.,
photo credit: nele’s photostream

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