Website Readability

The readability of your website depends on your targeted audience.
In most cases, I recommend keeping everything simple to reach the widest audience. In some cases, you may find it better to use a higher level of English:

  • A University English Department
  • An audience you need to impress or sound sophisticated

There are many tools to help you measure readability on websites. Most of the ones I found don’t work. Here are 2 that do:

Caption: Online text readability tool rates reading grade level and give specific tips to make the text more readable.
  • Their recommendations include:
  • Write short sentences
  • Don’t use long words
  • Avoid adverbs
  • Avoid passive voice

They will help you make sure you website is easy to understand. If you are a global company, you are probably targeting people that use English as a second language. In this case there are additional considerations:

  • Using Idioms will confuse people as they don’t know their meaning. Avoid them.
  • Use graphics to explain. Illustrations are a universal language and understood by everyone.

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