True or False: Organic traffic is free.


If you guessed true, you are not alone. Many people think that organic traffic is free. But generating organic traffic takes time or it takes hiring a digital marketing agency to optimize the website for search engines.

OK, we established that Organic Traffic is not free. The next question is, “Is it worth it for my company?” The answer is that it depends. In some cases, it is not worth the expense. Here’s how.

Let’s say your company sells synthetic gravel, those little rocks that you may find on the floor of a playground, but instead of rocks, it’s made of foam.

A quick search on Google tells me that synthetic gravel is not so innocent.

  • Google SERP for synthetic gravel

Gravel is a new drug that hit the market and is wreaking havoc. It’s made out of synthetic materials. Obviously, many more people are searching for this drug than the playground variety. Trying to rank organically for the phrase “synthetic gravel” will be next to impossible.

However, considering the illicit nature of this drug, there is no chance that they are advertising on Google Ads. It is likely that the competition for the paid keyword is low and this is a much easier path to getting to the top of the search results. Efforts to set-up and maintain the ads are likely to pay off; creating content for links and other time-consuming optimizations to rank for the innocent keyword “synthetic gravel” will be futile. 

Additionally, if you are trying to sell a product, it is unlikely that you will rank high organically. Google likes to provide information. It doesn’t like to answer, “What is the best headphone brand?” with ‘Music Blasters’ company’s website. It likes answering with an article about different headphone brands, or maybe Best Buy or other big companies that are big household names and which sell a number of different brands.

‘Music Blasters’ might rank high by answering the question about what makes the best headphones, and getting high-quality links. Then again, there are plenty of articles already written on this topic, so not only does ‘Music Blasters’ need to write an article, but the content needs to be better than what’s already out there in order to get high-quality links. Even if it does all that, there is no saying the process will be fast.

But, if ‘Music Blasters’ utilizes PPC, it really stands a chance. Provided ‘Music Blasters’ has a decent budget, the ads will show on the top of the page. ‘Music Blasters’ can control the message, changing it to highlight sales and other offers. They can test different messages and see what works best for them.

With limited time and resources, in many cases, PPC is a better strategy. Read about our experience with Global PPC or drop me a line for a free consultation.

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