Sites which are designed to generate sales leads are harder to analyze than ecommerce sites as there is no clear way to judge success. One important metric is–how many people contact the company. We call this a hard conversion. However, especially when sales cycles are long, it is also important to measure return visitors, time on site, etc. We call these soft conversions.
What happens when these two metrics conflict? That is exactly what happened to me when analyzing a client’s log files recently. For ad no. 1, the hard conversions were higher, for ad no. 2 the soft conversions were higher. After further analysis the answer to the riddle became clear.
Ad no. one was attracting people who were quicker decision makers as it was geared to this type of persona. Ad no. 2 was attracting people who had a longer and more complicated decision making process so they spent more time on the site and were less quick to contact the company.
Next step is to formulate a strategy to capitalize on this important information.
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