Your Conversion Rates May Have This Common Mistake

Many Adwords and Bing Campaigns fail to have the brand names as negatives. When this happens your conversion rates can be misleading. Consider this example:
I have an adgroup for the keyword: Digital Marketing.

  • The keyword is phrase on modified broad.
  • That means that people search for AIMS (my brand name) Digital Marketing will also appear in my ad group.
  • And they will most likely have a very high conversion rate (as most brand searches do).

When I compare all ad groups, this one may have a higher conversion rate than expected due to the brand searches that sneaked in.

This can result in misallocating resources. You may decide to increase bids on this group when it doesn’t deserve it. Therefore, best practice is to ad negatives for your brand name on all ad groups.

If you want to advertise on your brand name do that in a separate campaign or adgroup. Don’t forget to add trademark symbols ™ & ® etc.

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