Google Ads Bug When Adding 50 States in Bulk

The Georgia Gate The Challenge: Targeting a Very Specific Area in Google Ads Yesterday we were working on a campaign targeting a very specific radius around a client in Wisconsin. Even though we limited our ads to a certain radius; our ads kept getting impressions and clicks outside of the chosen targeted area.  Of course, […]

Don’t Use Average Site Speed When Testing Your Website

Google Analytics has a site speed graph that shows Average Page Load Time. It is important to reduce this to improve usability and increase conversions. However, if you are not careful these statistics can give you the wrong conclusions. For example, the table below shows that the USA and the UK have load times of […]

High-Tech B2B Networking – Case Study

We took over the digital marketing of a B2B hi-tech networking company. The company had recently made an unsuccessful update to their website . The redirects were not done properly and it was too late to fix this.  In addition, the Coronavirus hit and leads from conferences and sales people went down very significantly. Virtual […]

Google Ads Country Restrictions Are Sometimes Misleading

What do Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan (+ South Sudan), and Syria have in common? You can’t target these countries in Google Ads. You can’t exclude them. But your ads may show there anyway, and you’ll have to pay for it.  According to Google: Google must comply with sanctions imposed by the United States […]

B2B Digital Marketing Checklist

How to Build Your Business Online in a Post-Covid Economy Introduction / Overview Coronavirus has changed global marketing. No more in-person conferences. No in-person meetings with far-flung prospects around the world. These sales paths may return some day, but they will forever be altered. Your website is now your most important sales tool. Customers must be […]

Google Rolls Out Fees in Turkey, Austria and the UK

Advertisers, don’t be alarmed when your ad spend goes up by as much as 5%. Google has just announced new fees in 3 countries.  When will the fees start? The fees will start being charged on November 1, 2020. Where will these fees apply?  Google will charge a fee for ads served in the UK, […]


You may think this is a funny looking award but this hat is what Google sent me when I became one of the first 100 people worldwide to become a Google Professional. We participated in a web analytics webinar. The prize for asking the best question went to our web analyst. The book is about […]

Top Search Engines in Israel – Find Translations, Stocks, & More

There’s more to search than just Google. Here we discuss all the usual suspects, like Google and Bing, plus a number of specialized search engines in Israel, where you can find Hebrew/English translations, information on medicines, stock securities, and other products.

How To Not Like Something on Facebook

2020 Israeli Elections & the Facebook Ads Israeli elections number three here we come. Hopefully, the 23rd Knesset will be a charm. But again, we are all getting ambushed with ads from different parties. I got an ad on Facebook from a party that I really don’t like. (I won’t give names because let’s not […]

New Google Partner Badge Requirements

June 2020 Requirements Google announced last week that it will be changing its requirements for Search Engine Marketers to keep their Google Partner status. [Before we begin, let us say that we love Google. Google has completely shaped the internet and the way we use it. Ranking on Google (organic listings) and advertising on Google […]