Time on Site as a Meaningful Metric

Time on site is frequently used as a conversion proxy when conversions rates are too low to be statistically significant. Avianah Kaushik’s Occam’s Razor blog entry shows how to segment visitors to get meaningful actionable data.

Here is a table showing different keywords. It is clear that keyword 4 has the best time on site. All things being equal, this keyword seems to be the best.

Segmenting traffic by keyword show which one has the highest time on site.

Let’s go further. Lets take out the people who bounce and then segment. Now we can see that keyword 2 has the people with the highest time on site.

By filtering out bounce rates we can see which segment is most important

If we have a B2B lead generation web site with high value products that do not have a lot of sales this segment may be the most important and should be focused on. This is because the quality of the visitors is much more important than the quantity. Using your web analytics solution for drilling down

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